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When a tooth gets damaged, it requires a cap or a covering to protect it. This covering is known as a dental crown. It is a permanent cap cemented on the tooth, and it is designed in such a way that it gives the tooth a natural appearance.

Types of dental crowns

Today, there are several types of materials used to make dental crowns, and they include porcelain (ceramic), and gold alloy (metal). For a better esthetic outcome, a zirconia crown is an ideal option. Another option is a gold crown that does not wear down and rarely chips or breaks.

Who needs a dental crown ?

There are several reasons why a tooth may need a dental crown, and they include the following:

1) After the root canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle. Hence, a dentist places a crown to protect the underlying tooth and lower the risk of cracking or fracturing 

2) In some people with a discolored tooth which does not match the other teeth, a crown can be used to cover the blemish and ensure that it blends with the other teeth

3) Sometimes a crown is used instead of a large filling.

Visits required for a dental crown procedure

In general, most people require at least two visits to the dentist. In the first visit, the dentist reduces the height and width of the tooth. This reduction of height and width helps the crown to fit perfectly on the tooth. Then the impression of the tooth is made. At the same time, the dentist places a temporary crown over the tooth. At the second visit, the dentist places a custom-made crown and makes minor adjustments in the bite if required. 

How do you manage dental crown pain ?

The procedure is only mildly painful but in all cases, dentists do use a local anesthetic to numb the area, which eliminates the pain. During the second session, when the dentist fits the crown, there is usually no pain.

How long is the procedure ?

The first visit of the procedure may require 30 – 45 minutes, and the second visit includes the fitting of the crown, which requires another 45 minutes.

What does the term ‘post’ mean?

There are instances when the tooth loses its crown portion, with only the root portion of the tooth remaining in the bone. In such cases, there is a need for a build up of the crown with a dental restorative material. The retention of the newly built up crown is provided by a post. This post acts as a frame (cemented withing the root) and provides support to the crown. 

An Alternative for a dental crown?

For someone who doesn’t want a crown, a second option is to get a filling done. Unfortunately, there is a high risk that the filling can fracture or cause a crack in the tooth, which will necessitate another procedure. Dentists only recommend a crown when it is needed.

Is there any discomfort after crown placement ?

For the first few days, you may notice a slightly different feeling, but this soon feels normal within a week. There is usually no pain, and you will have no problems speaking, chewing or eating

what are the common dental problems ?

Some of the problems associated with dental crowns include the following:

1) Accumulation of plaque

2) Tooth discomfort and sensitivity

3) Loose crown

4) Temporary crown falling off

5) Chips and fractures

6) Chronic pain

7) Staining of the crown

The most common complication is accumulation of plaque around the crown. Scaling of teeth should be done regularly from the dentist to avoid this complication.

The above complications are infrequent but if you experience any of these issues, visit the dentist right away

Is a fixed crown evident to other people ?

In most cases, the dental crown is matched in color, size, and shape to match the natural teeth and thus is not noticeable

What type of care is required post fixing a dental crown ?

If you want the dental crown to last, then you need to brush and floss regularly. The tooth structure within the cemented crown can decay, so you must maintain good oral hygiene and continue to follow up with the dentist

How long do crowns last ?

If you take good care, then the crown should last many years or even decades.   

How much does a dental crown cost ?

The cost of a dental crown does vary but in general the average cost of the dental crown ranges between $900 – $1500, depending on the type of material used. There are several types of financial plans in the market which will help to afford dental costs so that your tooth gets the right treatment

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