Root Canal Symptoms | 7 Signs Why I Need A Root Canal


You must have already read our article which explains in detail some of the major things we need to know about root canal like when and why do you need a root canal treatment, what are the treatment options, root canal treatment and its procedure, the amount of time taken, whether root canal painful, the cost involved etc. Here in this article, we will try to explain what are the most common root canal symptoms 

Root Canal Symptoms

In case you experience a severe toothache, then you should check if there are any of the root canal symptoms which we will discuss. Based on these symptoms, the best option would be to visit a root canal specialist, known as an endodontist, who would advise whether the affected tooth needs to undergo a root canal treatment or not. In this article, we will cover the reasons for  the most common root canal symptoms. A few critical symptoms you should keep in mind which can help you decide whether to rush to an endodontist to get yourself checked are as follows:-

1) Continuous Tooth Pain 

There are instances when the intake of sweet food or hot food leads to unstoppable pain in the tooth. This pain is constant and does not get relieved unless medicated. Tooth pain is a sign of infected nerves and blood vessels, and that there is a need for root canal treatment

2) A cracked tooth or a chipped tooth

Any cracked or chipped off tooth leads to the exposure of the underlying nerves and vessels, thereby making the tooth non-vital or extremely painful. Root canal treatment will surely be needed in this case post consulting a dentist

3) Swollen gums

Swollen gums are caused due to some underlying infection or inflammation. Swollen gums are due to the contamination of teeth, which spreads to the surrounding gums. Such teeth do need to undergo root canal treatment

4) Discoloured Teeth

Silver fillings and non- vital teeth are generally discolored. Silver filled teeth usually don’t need to go ahead with root canal treatment unless the nerves and vessels get involved. However, discolored teeth do need to undergo root canal treatment when their vitality is lost

5) Sensitivity to heat and cold

Persistent pain caused due to ice cream or hot food stuff is a definitive indication of root canal treatment. If the pain wears off in some time, then there is no need for root canal treatment

6) Tooth Mobility

Infection to the alveolar bone and surrounding gums can cause movement in the tooth. This infection sometimes arises from infected nerves and vessels. Root canal treatment can be a solution to this problem

7) Pain after touching the tooth

There are times when the tooth aches on touching or pressing. This is due to the inflammation of the underlying ligament. Such cases may require root canal treatment

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