When To Use Teether For Baby?


Teething is a phase of human growth when the teeth begin to emerge from an infant’s gums. During this phase, babies experience stress and discomfort.

That’s when parents start asking, “When to use teether for baby?”

A teether is used by the parents when the baby’s teeth begin to erupt.

Teether is a tool used to help the child get through the phase of teething.


Milk teeth begin to form between the sixth and eighth week of prenatal development and the permanent ones begin to form in the twentieth week.

The milk teeth start erupting in the oral cavity between 6 to 10 months of age.

The lower teeth are the first teeth to develop. This is the best time to introduce a teether to your child.

The process of milk teeth development continues until the age of 25 to 33 months.

When to use teether for baby?

A teether is a toy that can be used by an infant during the phase of teething.

Parents use teethers for their children to relieve them from the pain of erupting teeth.

This toy is soft and is designed to provide a soothing effect on the baby’s gums.

The teether applies pressure on the gums when an infant bites it, helping the baby feel comfortable.

Also, during infancy, babies tend to place various objects in their mouths. This is a natural phenomenon that helps the child know about his oral cavity.

It helps in laying a foundation for speech development. It is during this phase that the baby begins to talk.

So teethers are also helpful in developing speech.

Which teether is good for babies?

Teethers are available in different shapes, colors and textures. They can be selected as per the child’s choice. They are also available in different materials.

One should choose those materials which are easily washable and are hygienic. Some teethers are made of harsh and toxic chemicals. They are harmful, and we should avoid using such teethers.

Also, while selecting a teether, care should be taken that it is neither too big nor too small for your child. Babies could swallow tiny teethers, thus harming them. Similarly, a very big teether may be difficult for the child to use. The selection of a teether of the correct size is essential.

Parents should buy multiple teethers for their children. Each teether should have a different design and color. The different colors and designs attract the child and keep them interested in using it.

Avoid sharing teethers with other children. Sharing can lead to the transmission of infections. Also, avoid using random items as a teether.  They may get swallowed and cause harm.

How to use teethers for babies?

Before your child starts biting on a teether, take the following precautionary measures :

1) Ensuring absence of other objects inside the child’s oral cavity

Children generally have a habit of sneaking in different sized objects into their mouths.

So a child’s mouth needs to be checked for any small objects present.

If anything is present, then it needs to be removed. Only then should the child be allowed to use a teether.

2) Using a pain-relieving medication

Pain-relieving medications recommended and approved by a pediatrician can be used with a teether.

This makes the use of a teether more effective.

The pain reliever acts as an analgesic. This helps make the process of teething very comfortable for the child.

Natural ointments can also be used.

3) Ensure proper hygiene of the teether

The teether should always be kept clean.It is essential to clean and sanitize teethers.

It should always be washed with soap and water before and after it is used.

If not kept clean, there are chances of the spread of germs and thereby causing infection.

If the teether falls on the floor, it should be wiped with a clean cloth.

Ensure it is hygienic before the teether enters the mouth.

Teethers are available in different materials like wood, rubber and silicone.

We can store rubber and silicone teethers inside the fridge.

When cold, it is easier for the child to bite on it.

Cooling teethers also help to make the process of numbing the gums more effective.

Do not place the teether in a freezer.

Wooden teether should not be cooled before using it. Cooling them will make wooden teethers ineffective.

When to stop using a teether?

A teether can be safely used until the age of two years.

Excessive use can cause dental harm.

It is essential to consult a pediatrician to identify the correct teether for your child and to know the right age to stop using it.     

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